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Welcome to

Watkins Preschool 
& Early Learning Center

Learning to Play. Playing to Learn

Our Classes

Two Year Old Classes

Three Year Old Classes

Four Year Old Classes


Jr. Kindergarten

Extended Day

Classes until 4 or 5 PM

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Mission Statement

Watkins Preschool & Early Learning Center is dedicated to maintaining a Christian atmosphere where children can learn, be nurtured, and loved in a safe environment. 

Teachers will strive to exemplify Christian principles in their relationships with the children and their parents. 

What Parents Think

"As a mom returning to the workforce, I was really nervous about Jovie’s transition into full day childcare. Although learning and hitting developmental milestones were important to us, my main priority in finding the right preschool was that she be safe and loved.  My guilt and fears were quickly assuaged as she became a member of the Watkins family. They have embraced her with open arms, and have kept us in the loop on milestones, behavior and all the fun they are having in the classroom. Each day during drop off, staff members greet her by name and with a smile. Jovie comes home excited about all of her friends, teachers and the creative activities she participated in. She missed Ms. Kim during winter break, and was so excited to return to school after the holidays.  I really couldn’t have asked for a better group of teachers to care for my child."

Ashley Wallace

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